Brokerage Services

We are pleased to provide boat brokerage services. Our company prides itself on putting our clients in the right boat, not just the boats we have as our listings. Our brokers have a wide variety of experience in many different types of boats. No matter where your search will lead we can show you everything from Power catamarans, Trawlers, Downeast, Express, Outboard powerboats, Inflatable RIBS, Sailboats to custom-built designs. Here is a link to the types of boats.

We frequently represent “buyers” with our boat brokerage services. NYS subscribes to the industry’s biggest multiple listing service (MLS) system, which we feed to our site for our client’s convenience. Yacht Brokerage is like the real estate industry in the sense that we use an “MLS” service to connect to a bigger pool of brokerage boat inventory. The benefit of using a “buyers” broker is that you will have representation that solely protects your interest as you go through the process of buying a used boat at NO cost to you.

Choosing one of our brokers to represent you on the purchase of your boat gives you the comfort of knowing you will have professional guidance through every step of the process. The first step is evaluating your wants and needs in your future boat. We will sit down and establish a comprehensive list of what you are looking for so you do not waste time looking at boats that do not meet your minimum requirements. The next step is the search, the most important function of your broker is to give guidance and feedback on all the boats you view. Once the right boat is found your broker will help you get through the negotiations and get the deal on a proper purchase and sale contract. After the deal is in place you will go through the survey process. This is your opportunity to do your due diligence to make sure the boat you selected is in seaworthy condition. Your broker will be able to guide you in selecting a qualified surveyor for the type of boat you selected. The broker will also have a network of marine professionals that will be able to advise on any issues that may arise from the survey. Once the survey is complete and you have accepted the boat it’s time to do the closing paperwork and get you out on the water!

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