Materials Color Guides

A color guide for the high-quality materials used in the assembly of BRIG boats.

Hypalon ORCA Tube Colors

Neptune Grey Hypalon Color
Neptune Grey Hypalon Sample
Ocean Blue Hypalon Color
Ocean Blue Hypalon Sample
Off White Hypalon Color
Off White Hypalon Sample
Arctic Grey Hypalon Color
Arctic Grey Hypalon Sample
Black Hypalon Color
Black Hypalon Sample
Military Grey Hypalon Color
Military Grey Hypalon Sample
Black Carbon
Black Carbon Sample
Neptune Grey Carbon
Neptune Grey Carbon Sample
Off White Carbon
Off White Carbon Sample
Black Impression
Black Impression Sample
Military Grey Impression
Military Grey Impression Sample
Etna Red
Etna Red Sample

SilverTex Cushion Colors

Blue SilverTex Cushion
Blue SilverTex Cushion Sample
Grey/Titanium SilverTex Cushion
Grey/Titanium SilverTex Cushion Sample
Red/Wine SilverTex Cushion
Red/Wine SilverTex Cushion Sample
Tan/Beige SilverTex Cushion
Tan/Beige SilverTex Cushion Sample
Orange SilverTex Cushion
Orange SilverTex Cushion Sample
Black SilverTex Cushion
Black SilverTex Cushion Sample

SeaDek Flooring Colors

Grey SeaDek Flooring
Grey SeaDek Flooring Sample
Tan SeaDek Flooring
Tan SeaDek Flooring Sample

Gel Coat Fiberglass Colors

Black Gel Coat
Black Gel Coat Sample
White Gel Coat
White Gel Coat Sample
Dark Grey Gel Coat
Dark Grey Gel Coat Sample
Light Grey Gel Coat
Light Grey Gel Coat Sample