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Dufour New Boat Models


Michel Dufour, an engineer with a love of sailing, founded his shipyard in La Rochelle, France back in 1964. He owes his success to his keen intuition. He was convinced that new technologies and new materials would transform sailing. But sailing has always continued to be embodiment of the pioneering, adventurous spirit; the pinnacle of pleasure.

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2017 Dufour Exclusive 63
2017 Dufour Exclusive 56

Racers and Cruisers

2017 Dufour 512 Grand Large
2017 Dufour 460 Grand Large
2017 Dufour 45E Performance
2017 Dufour 412 Grand Large
2017 Dufour 40E Performance
2017 Dufour 382 Grand Large
2017 Dufour 36
2017 Dufour 350 Grand Large
2017 Dufour 310 Grand Large


2017 Dufour Drakkar 24