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DeFever New Boat Models


DeFever is one of the most famous Trawlers in the U.S. Designed by the world famous designer Arthur Defever. DeFever trawlers are built specifically for so-called Long Range trips and therefore they have extremely fuel efficient engines. With a fuel consumption that not many boats in the market of this size can match. DeFever is 100% handmade and custom made for each customer. We build your boat, you take your dreams out to sea! Of course CE certified A “Ocean.

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We have a direct relationship with Defever and we will be happy to assist you. Contact us and an experienced broker will reach out to you personally to locate any model that you are in search of.


2016 DeFever E70 AC
2016 DeFever E62
2016 DeFever E60 AC
2016 DeFever E58
2016 DeFever E56
2016 DeFever E52
2016 DeFever E50
2016 DeFever E48
2016 DeFever E46
2016 DeFever E43
2016 DeFever E45