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Buzzards Bay New Boat Models


Multihull Development, Inc, located in Pocasset, Massachusetts, lies in the heart of Buzzards Bay. It is no accident some of the finest and most able power catamarans the world has to offer emerges from Buzzards Bay. This body of water’s boisterous conditions is a constant inspiration for our craftsmen and designers to build craft that can change a nasty chop into a fine afternoon cruise.

Multihull Development, Inc. is not striving to build the most boats, nor the largest. We are striving, every day, to surpass the status quo, to achieve what has not been. Everyday, our boats are on the water achieving what was once thought impossible; Comfort and confidence in rough seas while maintaining shallow drafts and inshore friendliness – high cruise speeds with remarkable fuel efficiency – interior spaces that make you feel like you are on a vessel 10 feet larger. Performing at such levels in all of these areas without compromise defines the Buzzards Bay series and earns our boats the moniker, Beyond Ordinary Limits.

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We have a direct relationship with Buzzard Bay and we will be happy to assist you. Contact us and an experienced broker will reach out to you personally to locate any model that you are in search of.

Power Catamarans

2016 Buzzards Bay 42
2016 Buzzards Bay 34